What Are The Best Events In Magaluf?

The yearly celebrations in Magaluf have nothing in common with the island’s traditional festivals, which are held throughout the year. This location is more famous for its foam parties, party boats, and live music festivals than for anything else. Mallorca’s spirit, on the other hand, can be heard in the beat of drums during its Spring Festival, the Mediterranean food served at its Beach Club events, and the family-friendly environment of the Momentum Plaza shopping centre.

Majorca LIVE! Festival

Taking place in May at Magaluf’s Aquapark, Majorca LIVE! is one of the largest music events on the island and is one of the most popular. For three days, well-known performers and smaller independent bands perform a variety of music ranging from rock to electro.

Mallorca Live Event is the most important music festival on the island throughout the summer season. The three-day festival, which will take place at the Aquapark in Magaluf for the fifth year in a row, will feature live music, urban art, food trucks, chill-out spaces, visual art, and a designer market.

Parties On The Nikki Beach In White And Red

The yearly opening and closing celebrations at Nikki Beach are tremendous affairs. The season begins with the fashionable White Party in early June and concludes with the bright Red Party in late September, with the White Party being the first of the season’s highlights.

Located in the freshly rebuilt neighbourhood of Magaluf (known as Calvià Beach Resort), the Nikki Beach group launched their first club in the Balearic Islands (prior to Ibiza) at the Nikki Beach clubhouse. Nikki Beach is surroundeda lot of buzz – it’s a must-see destination that’s simultaneously hyper-cool and over-the-top arrogant. Instead of coming here for a quiet lunch or dinner with a group of 10-20 friends, you come here to dine, drink, and revel in the spectacular party environment that has become synonymous with the Nikki Beach brand. Chef Alex G was elected Regional Chef of Spain in 2017 and has made numerous very welcome enhancements to the culinary offerings at Nikki Beach.

In addition, Sunday champagne brunches will be offered, and additional healthy alternatives will be added to the menu in keeping with Nikki Beach’s “fit and fun” theme. These include light, delectable meals produced with fresh, organic ingredients from the surrounding area. Although the brand is global, Nikki Beach Mallorca generally uses many local produce, such as the famous Sóller prawns, here made into a prawn capaccio with a tangy citrus dressing and basil oil.

Pirates Adventure & Pirates Reloaded

From May through October, this long-running and immensely successful family entertainment captivates audiences with acrobats, vocalists, and actors who perform with incredible finesse. Pirates Adventure is appropriate for both children and adults, whilst Pirates Reloaded is reserved for those above the age of 18.

The ‘Pirates Adventure Show’ has delighted over 3 million customers over the past 30 years with its unique blend of world-class acrobatics, gymnastics and breathtaking dance performances . Allow yourself to be transported into a fantastic world filled with action, thrills, and entertainment. The Pirate Adventure Show is a once-in-a-lifetime event that is ideal for people of all ages.

Depending on the time of year, the shows are held on Wednesdays through Mondays only. The organisers retain the right to change the number of performances in accordance with the season and the audience response. Admission is available beginning at 6 p.m., with the concert beginning at 7 p.m. and concluding about 8:45 p.m. Chicken, sausage, potato wedges, cole slaw, toast, and a sundae are included in the price of the admission. Upon request, a vegetarian variant can be made available.

Spring Festival

Magaluf has a vibrant spring celebration on the Momentum Plaza in the middle of May, which brings together traditional Mallorcan features like as drummers, demons, and fireworks for one evening.

This year’s performance will begin at roughly 10 p.m. in Plaza Momentum in Magaluf. Several minutes before the well-known drums herald the start of the parada, which runs from 10:30 p.m. to 11:45 p.m., fire jugglers perform in front of the crowds gathered to watch. As the drumming becomes more intense, the demons and devils arrive around 11:45 p.m. to begin the famed correfoc, or firewalk, which begins at midnight. Visitors may expect loud booms, soaring sparks, a large number of people, and a great deal of entertainment! A total of more than 100 demons and devils take part in the Correfoc festival. Away from the show should be kept children under the age of 18. Visitors are required to wear clothing that is not flammable on their arms and legs. This thrilling, hectic, and explosive event with food vendors, live music, and little tradition in Magaluf is not to be missed.

Momentum Plaza

Among the weekend activities in Momentum Plaza are face painting, kids workshops, street acts, and live music performanceslocal bands. This place is constantly bustling with activity, even when the rest of the bathing resort is quiet.

Momentum Plaza and Centro La Vila are the two most important retail centres in Magaluf. Along the Playa de Magaluf beach promenade, you’ll find even more souvenir and beachwear shops, tattoo parlours, pharmacies, and newsstands to browse through. It’s also only a 10-minute drive to the retail centre Porto Pi on the island of Mallorca.

Located in the heart of a small but bustling plaza, this little shopping complex provides live music and family-friendly entertainment on the weekends. You’ll also find some excellent restaurants in this area, as well as a small food market with outside seating..

Gringo Bingo

Only one bingo event for those over the age of 18 is held on the island, and that is in Magaluf. The entertaining nights are plannedthe people that brought you Pirates Adventure and take place from May to October. The popular game will be filled with dancing competitions, unusual victories, and comedians who will add laughter and mayhem to the proceedings.

Full Moon Party

In celebration of its annual Full Moon Party, Oceans Beach Club invites on fire breathing performers, gorgeous dancers, and top DJs to the stage. Thousands of visitors party till the wee hours of the morning, inspiredthe legendary Thai parties. There are various themed parties with live concerts and guest DJs that take place at Magaluf’s nightclubs and bars throughout the summer to accompany these events.

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