Choose Your Best Petra Tour Package In Israel

If you travel to Israel, you have the unique opportunity to include Petra and Jordan in your itinerary. Jordan and Israel share a border and the two countries have friendly relations, so crossing the border for a visit is an easy process. If you have limited time you can fit in a day trip to Petra, but there are also Petra trips from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or Eilat.

Tour packages include pick-up and drop-off services from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem hotels and take you to Jordan via Sheikh Hussein Border Crossing. The tour includes accommodation in Jordan and has visited Jordanian sites such as Amman, Madaba and Mount Nebo, and Petra. Here are some packages that can help you choose your tour package.

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1-Day Petra Tour

Join this one-day trip from Eilat to Petra, which starts with an admirable pick-up from your Eilat Hotel. You will be taken to the Arava border and assisted at a smooth crossing to Jordan. Once in Jordan, this tour takes you to Petra through the dramatic scenery of the open desert. This impressive archeological site was once the capital of the ancient Nabataean people, who thrived in the desert and built mere rock-hewn structures. Visit Petra’s preserved Rose City and see the beautiful masks in the red stone; Walk on a colonnade street; Pass the amphitheater and see the ancient tomb. After a guided tour of Petra, you will have time to explore the site in your spare time before joining the group for lunch. On the way back to Israel, the tour could take a quick panoramic tour of the Jordanian Red Sea city of Aqaba.

1-Day Petra Tour With Flight From Tel Aviv

Take a short flight from Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv to Roman Airport near Eilat. The tour begins with a transfer from Roman Airport near Eilat to the Arava border, where our representatives will meet with you and assist in visa requisition and border crossing. Our local tour guide will meet you at the Jordanian end of the border, and you will start the two-hour drive to Petra.

Traveling along the desert highway, we pass exciting desert and mountain views. When we arrive in Petra, you can enter the city on foot or on horseback. We will visit Petra, an excellent archeological site about 2300 years ago when the Nabataean people carved their city from the top of a red stone. Take a walk through the ancient colonized streets of Petra to see the intricately decorated tombs and huge temples. Some rock facades will tower above you, like the Treasury and the 40-meter-high Deir Monastery. On the return journey, we will stop at Wadi rum and stop at several observation points, a desert is known as the “Valley of the Moon”. We may have time for a short panoramic trip to the Red Sea port of Aqaba in Jordan before returning to Ramon Airport for your flight to Tel Aviv.

Petra and Eilat leisure Day from Tel Aviv

This Petra trip from Tel Aviv starts when you fly south from Ben Gurion Airport to Roman Airport in Eilat. Discover the coral wall of the Red Sea at Eilat; Do water sports; Go Ice Skating and enjoy tax-free shopping! Spend the night at an Islet hotel and the next day across Jordan. Travel along the desert highway, Petra, a town built on a rocky peak 2000 years ago. Enter through the narrow siq, colonnaded street, and more. Return to Eilat and return your flight to Tel Aviv

Petra and Wadi Rum, 2 Days Tour

This Petra and Wadi Room tour from Eilat includes exotic Middle Eastern landscapes, the famous city of Petra, and a jeep safari through the Wadi rum. You will be taken to Eilat and quickly crossed the border into the Kingdom of Jordan. Visit Petra, inlaid from the top of the red desert about 2,300 years ago, and visit Petra’s temples and tombs. On the second day, take a jeep trip to Wadi Room, a desert with rock formations and a moon-like landscape. On the way back to Eilat it may be time for a panoramic trip to Aqaba.

Jordan Classical, 3 Days Tour

This Jordan tour from Tel Aviv / Jerusalem will take you on an incredible adventure across the Sheikh Hussein Bridge in Jordan. Visit Jerash, one of the ten Decapolis Roman frontier cities and the site of well-preserved ancient ruins. Travel to Amman for panoramic tours and overnight stays in the capital. The second day is dedicated to Petra, a 2300-year-old city, intricately carved from red hills. On your third day, visit Madaba to see the Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics. On Mount, Nebo is standing where Moses was looking at the Promised Land. Finally, come back to Israel after a full-fledged Middle East adventure.

Petra Tour from Tel Aviv or JerusalemBus

Take a full-day trip from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to the UNESCO city of Petra in Jordan. The journey begins when you are picked up very early in the morning from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. The tour bus crosses the Dead Sea to the south and continues through the Aravah Valley. The bus arrives at the Aravah Border Crossing in Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city, at the edge of the Red Sea. We enter Jordan and travel along the Desert Highway in an exciting view near Petra. There are opportunities to enter Petra on horseback or on foot. You have been given a guided tour of Petraa knowledgeable local guide. Check out the highlights of Petra’s stone-carved structures that were built 2,000 years ago, including temples, tombs, and monuments. We begin our return journey, passing through several of the observation points through the Wadi rum. If time permits, we will take a short panoramic tour of the Red Sea city of Aqaba in Jordan before we cross Israel and return to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.